Silicon City: the ’90s

“Can you explain what Internet is?” asked journalist Katie Couric during the 90’s. Big names in the New York City tech industry reflect on the city’s pioneering role during the decade’s tech boom and its aftermath.  Click above to play.

Silicon City Today

“New York,” explained Internet Entrepreneur Heidi Messer “has its own entrepreneurial culture built in.” The city is “where the creative class gathers,” added Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. Click above to watch big names in the tech industry weigh in on the Big Apple’s central role in the field and its promising future.

Nine Evenings: An Introduction

Leading figures in art and tech joined forces to create “Experiments in Art and Technology”—fondly dubbed, E.A.T. Bell Labs engineers teamed up with prominent actors, musicians, and dancers of the day, including John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg. Together they merged performances with computer and film production. Their final product was “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering,” which they performed live at the 69th Regiment Armory during October 1966.