Digital.NYC Spotlight

To celebrate our critically-acclaimed exhibition Silicon City and highlight New York City’s central role in the tech industry’s future, we’re profiling members of its burgeoning digital community. We recently sat down with Marcos Dinnerstein, editor at Digital.NYC, who explained the company’s mission to bridge the gap between private and public interests.


What is the mission of Digital.NYC and how did the company come to be?

Digital.NYC is the official hub for the tech and startup community in New York City. We are a public-private-partnership between the Mayor’s Office, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and Gust, with sponsorship from IBM, and support from over a dozen prominent tech and media companies in New York City.

Tell us about a project you’re currently developing or recently launched. How will/is it impact/impacting the tech industry and New York City at large?

Digital.NYC has been live for a little over a year and was already recognized a crucial site in a report released by Accenture. New York City was listed as the world’s top city for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in a survey of 40 cities worldwide. The report singles out Digital.NYC for facilitating connections between investors and entrepreneurs, while promoting related events such as New York City Tech Day.

What makes New York an ideal home for the tech industry? 

New York City has all the right ingredients for technology, including but not limited to: access to growth capital, top-tier talent, accessible education, leading-edge infrastructure, and perhaps most uniquely, huge, thriving commerce and industry.

What do you envision as the future of tech in New York City? 

With the continued support of city government, industry, educational institutions, and passionate individuals, the tech industry will continue to thrive and potentially surpass the activity seen in Silicon Valley.

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